Liberty to draw, write, erase, communicate and keep everyone on the same page. Writing boards are great tools to keep your audience up to date with the information you need to share.

Made of vinyl, glass, or special paint, are cost-effective, allergy-free and maximize space. With no need for power tools, extra accessories and apps, writing boards are a way to give meaning to empty walls. They also give your environment a clean and modern look and keeping it functional. Writing boards are green, keeping you away from flipcharts and paper pads. Long-lasting, with a 10-year warranty, and are also easy and fast to install. Besides, they are cleanable, disinfectable, and accept most alcohol-based cleansers without damage.

Dry-erase technology is a differential that suits any project, anywhere. The opportunities for communication boards are endless!

Where can you install customized dry-erase boards?

  • Offices: a powerful tool for conference rooms to showcase brainstorms, results and goals. It can also be a valuable project management tool, illustrating the big picture.
  • Healthcare: check a patient’s status, organize shifts and procedures, create round charts. All visible, clear and sterile.
  • Education: Interactive learning and convenient activity scheduling in any classroom. Zero residual content and great visibility of what you write.
  • Commercial: present your products and services in a different way. Whether is a store or a restaurant, we can customize the main grid to ease new additions.

Consider adding a customized whiteboard to your business! At Image Graphics & Signs, we have room for all your ideas when it comes to writing boards. Contact us for a friendly quote today!

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