Most businesses with window frontage can use that extra glass room for ad purposes. Marketing, promotion, branding… Many types of films are available depending on the end purpose and longevity.

Types of Films:


Used and known as a “see-through”. Allows one to see the exterior, without losing privacy during daytime. It has small holes that allows one to see out, while having a printable surface, visible from the exterior.


Cling has low-tack or no-tack, and held by static to the window. It is opaque, perfect for temporary usages. Promotions, warnings, or any message only needed for a short period of time.

Die-Cut Decals

Using Die-cut decals, we can cut any shape and format. It is a low-maintenance solution for your windows. The usages range from wayfinding to hours of operation. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a window solution that is not full coverage or is text only.


Need a sophisticated look? Try one of our various frosted window options. This film can be custom printed or cut to enhance your work environment. Add an aesthetic touch to your glazing in workspaces, hallways, or windows. From professional aesthetic purposes or private rooms, this finishing has it all. Frosted vinyl looks like etched glass, giving you your desired level of privacy. Any shape or size is possible, from a logo to a whole design on the negative space, cut and applied to perfection.


Used for solar control and on the windows facing exterior. You can add the security film and protect your space. This not only provides privacy but has several advantages in comfort and safety. Window tinting increases UV protection, reduces sunlight glares, and helps reduce energy bills. Available for both residential and commercial usage.
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