Next time you walk into a store – look down. You may be surprised that mats can also be used as signs, but they’re actually the most versatile signage of all. Mats serve not only safety and cleanliness needs, but also promotional and informational purposes.

You may choose to use mats for branding purposes, or feature something as simple as your company’s logo. A shoe store with a sizing mat makes it easy and fun for customers to see what size of shoe they should try on.

Samples of fabrics or setting the tone with a branded mat can look clean and professional. Mats can be used for directional way-finding within the store, in places where hanging signage is not as viable, or to lead the customer to a sale product. Mats also keep stores cleaner during inclement weather.

When investing in signage, try to analyze your sign with fresh eyes. Imagine entering your store as a new customer. Be honest with yourself about what’s clear and what may be perplexing.

We can help. We will provide an honest evaluation of your location and how you can use signage to establish a consistent brand and use it across your business, from  outdoor signage to your website. A few small changes and you’ll be well on your way to leveraging signage to your retail advantage and cashing in while you’re at it.

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