We want to say thank you!

What do we do when we want someone to know we are thankful? We recognize them!

In the business world, there is a very elegant way of saying thank you and that is Recognition Signs!

Honoring someone’s memory? Or letting someone know they are valued? This is the way to go!

There are several different types of Recognition Signs, and they can be used for a variety of purposes!

  • 3D lettering: this solution is one of the most used for halls and wings, and applied inside or outside. Finishes, such as brushed metal and acrylic letters, give a sophisticated look to a wall. Also, there is the option to fix them on metal or acrylic plates, which can have photos or colours printed on. This is best used for a rebranding or renaming that honors a person’s name. 
  • Acrylic boards: very customizable, from shape to background colours. Like other signs, high-quality print picture or texture can serve as background. We can print with names altogether, or transparent board fixed on a plate on the rear. The possibilities are infinite! This is a very stylish option and can be used as a way to say thank you with some personality! 
  • Aluminum Boards: often in writing boards, this material can change according to need. Due to its nature, is possible to add magnets and create adaptable signage. Long-lasting and easy to adjust, they suit as the perfect employee-engaging action. For example, corporate relations campaigns, top stars on work safety or production quality. Recognize your long-serving employees can with this personalized signage in a unique way.
  • Plaques and certificates: In order to honour an employee of the month or give a corporate award. Engraved or printed signs are timeless honours and can be either fixed on a wall or displayed on a flat surface. Like acrylic boards, they can feature different shapes, colours and styles.

Saying thank you allows us to appreciate those who support us!

Who are you thankful to? How do you show your appreciation?

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