Persuasive signage influences consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive imagery. These signs can advertise a particular product or promotion. Thee signs are on shelf or close to where the purchase is made. It helps provide benefits of the product or service. Details like where it was made and the quality ingredients used to make it.

These persuasive signs are silent influencers. The thing many business owners forget is the psychology behind these signs. If a consumer reads it, they are more apt to believe it versus when they are told by a sales person. This is a very important distinction.

If a sales person explains something there is a filter in the consumers mind saying “they are telling me that because they want to sell that”. Compare this scenario to one where the customer has read the information and this same information is now being explained by the sales person. This kind of consistent messaging builds trust and confidence.

Using persuasive signage allows products or brands to more effectively communicate with customers. These displays can turn an otherwise ordinary product into a popular “hidden gem.” Remember: While persuasive sales signs should be eye-catching and witty, they are not the main attraction. The most effective signs draw the customers to the product.

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