When talking about signs, we often think of designs on walls, posts, and eye-height surfaces. Despite this is an accurate vision, there is a relevant performer that is under your nose: the floor.
No matter who is your audience, people are likely watching their steps. Floor graphics optimize communication by putting the information where they watch the most. They are good to inform, direct, ornate a place and create awareness. Also, are strong, non-slippery and safe. In fact, are efficient ways to communicate, and ideal for both outdoor and indoor. Great solutions for temporary settings, such as roadshows and events, so are useful for more permanent, directing to cashiers or restrooms in a store, for instance.
Floor signs are adaptable and have unlimited possibilities. You can use it in tile, hardwood, vinyl, and less common surfaces, for example, as concrete and carpet. Besides, it plays as a valuable system: creates order and safety, informs, and decorate.

Examples of floor signs applications and decals according to the business:

  • Industry: speed limit and flow signage, PPE, safety exits, paths, and machinery;
  • Hospitals: pathways and wayfinding, restricted area warnings, calming environmental graphics;
  • Education: Locker rooms and courts, interactive learning activities and games;
  • Commercial: Aisles, cashier and queue line directions, aisle information, flow signage, ad campaigns;
  • General: social distancing, logos, welcome signage, navigation systems;
  • Decorative: ornamental flooring, stairway messages, motivational quotes, and more.
At Image Graphics & Signs, we work with the best materials to deliver quality on your projects. Transform your favourite images into art on your floor! Contact us today for a friendly quote and share your ideas with us!
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