Accessibility is a theme discussed worldwide. Numbers are always growing, so the need for refined practices. For example, when it comes down to vision, 5.59 million have an eye disease that causes vision weakening*. Accessible signage, that is to say, braille or tactile print; is a way to improve their life. This alternative enhances life quality, comfort, and as a result, customer experience.
Below we show a list of signage that you should be providing tactile signage, but not limited to:
  • Washrooms;
  • Elevator controls and floor indicators;
  • Near handrails to allow identification of floors and stairs;
  • Room number identifications;
  • Emergency doors and evacuation instructions;
  • Cautionary signage;
  • Floor and building directories;
  • Operating instructions;
We can help you locate where you need this type of signage, and above all make all your clients feel welcome. If you have any questions or like to have an inquiry, contact us today! We will be happy to help with your signage needs!

* Cost of Vision Loss in Canada Summary Report in 2017

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