Spring is here! Now is a great time to do some spring cleaning of your marketing signage to get ready for the new sales season!

Here are six ways to do some signage spring cleaning.

  1. Update your logo: Spring is a great time to clean things up, so why not make some changes to your logo? It gives your business a fresh look, it’s a reason to talk about the changes you’re making and announce them to your customers to start a conversation. A good, new look is always something to talk about and share.
  2. Evaluate outdoor signage: With the warmer weather on the way,  you’ll want to start using signage to advertise outdoors again. Check your current inventory of outdoor signage to see if you need to replace the signs or any hardware so it’s ready to use. Make sure the signage on your outdoor displays is as vibrant and clear as always. You should also check to see if your outdoor signage that you used last year for spring still has current information on it and still matches your marketing message and goals for this year. Did you include your new logo?
  3. Infuse new, bright colors into your signage: One of the best parts of spring is the colors in nature re-emerging. It brings people out of the grey, dreary doldrums of winter. A little more natural color and sunlight improves people’s moods and using them in your signage can help boost the mood of potential customers that see your signage. A customer in a bubblier mood is more likely to buy from you, so vibrant, bright colors are an easy and affordable way to help your chances.
  4. Do your own spring cleaning: Don’t give up on your old inventory just yet. You want to make room for strong performing spring items or apparel. Get ahead of the curve on spring cleaning and use signage to promote your winter or older inventory you are trying to clear out.
  5. Pick a theme: Come up with a clever theme that makes sense for your business use it throughout the entire season. Use new advertising signage to promote the themed campaign throughout your business.
  6. Renewal: Spring is the season of renewal. Renew your commitment and relationship with your customers. Update your signage to promote rewards programs and other customer benefits and give them reasons to buy from you!
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