There have been great changes in the last few years about light efficiency. Signs, such as channel letters, fascia, pylons, and message boards, need long-lasting illumination. The high output fluorescent bulbs have transitioned into LED for several reasons:

Cost-effective & ecological: LEDs last 3 to 6 years longer than other types of lights. Additionally, are a green solution: no toxic gases, low wattage, and 100% recyclable.

Low maintenance: LEDs have reduced expenses and hassle, and warranties go from 5 up to 10 years. Instead of ballasts, power supplies regulate currents and are longer-lasting.

Luminating power: The brilliance is consistent and higher than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. LED lights are visible even in full daylight, and is clear and easy to read from short or long distances. Your signage can get a clear impression from clients 24/7, either into a new sign or retrofitting old sign boxes.

Versatility: From different colours to animations, LEDs are capable of almost anything. It can be set up for a range of commands that aren’t compatible with other options in the market. Other usages of LED are in programmable signs such as electronic message centres (EMC). They can flash, fade, change colours, the sky is the limit!

Still don’t know what is more appropriate for your business? Contact us and we can help you with the best signage solutions!

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