The perfect picture from your wedding. Your child’s first drawing. A special moment with friends. A certificate, special event or even a story in a newspaper. You can eternalize moments and memories with modern framing.
Have a look at our mounting options to make lasting memories. We can plaque mount, use canvas, acrylic or metal to finish your print. Finished pieces slotted and ready to hang.
Different options available include:
First, we use a perimeter box frame behind the image. Then, dry-mounting your art on a  1/8” Masonite board, a transparent and non-glare film (laminate) seals it. This protects the image from fading and scratching, plus makes it easy to clean.
Like the Flushmount, has a dry-mounted 1/8” Masonite board with your image and the protective film. The difference is that the smaller base wood frame makes it look like the image is floating on the wall. Many colour choices available for your edge finishing.
Metal and Acrylic
Photos and images can also be metal and acrylic printed for a bright and glossy finish. This will give your image a seamless edge-to-edge look with a premium finish.
Let us help you eternalize your favorite moments, we will help you find the best option for your budget!
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