Labels are the most adaptable branding tool available in the market. You name it: the possibilities are infinite. For example, you can register inventory, identify visitors, packaging, machinery instructions, hazard labels.
But which material is better?
We have labels printed in any format, size and material, such as paper, polys, foil and fluorescent:
• Paper: Famous for cost-benefit advantages and different finishing. With glossy or matte coats, have regular or permanent adhesive and many indoor uses.
•Polys: Reliable and tough, are the best choice for drum stickers and machinery. Finishes available in white, transparent, or metalized finish, with matte or glossy coats.
• Foils: Comes in colours like gold and silver and brings style to any brand. Is applied to another label, as hot or cold stamping.
• Fluorescents: Feature warnings the right way: Caution and fragile stickers, inventory, for example. Colours available are fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, and pink.
Altogether, labels are versatile products and reinforce your branding. If you need to rebrand your restaurant take-out or identify your machinery. Organize documents in the office or new tags for your e-commerce. In short, you think, we have it.
We offer creative, personalized and above all, quality solutions to your signage needs. Contact us today for a quote.
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