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Sherlock runs home from Irene’s house. He goes in and he looks for the glass eyeball. ll show first prop eyeball explain the eyeball with detail ll He looks for the eyeball because he found it at the murder scene he finds it and hides in Irene’s doghouse. Irene finally finds Sherlock because his boots were sticking out. They go inside Irene’s house to examine the eyeball.
Irene gets a magnify glass to look at the eyeball ll hold up eyeball ll We brought a magnify glass to represent Sherlock. Sherlock always uses a magnify glass to solve mysteries. On the eyeball they find splats of blood and some purple veins. Sherlock tells Irene that the crows saw the murder.
Sherlock whispers to Irene bring me an eye patch so Sherlock can go to a shop and say I lost an eye and bring the glass eyeball and they will tell him were its from. The man at the shop says they will have to see a medic first but they don’t.
The killer watches them as they leave Irene tells Sherlock that Malefactor said that the murderer either had a boys scream or girls

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