Every project has different goals and objectives depending on the nature of the task. From the creation of a brochure to a full branding plan, a comprehensive briefing is important. With the right knowledge, your designer can get the best results for you and your business. Keep the following topics in mind next time you are planning or considering a new project:

1 – What is the purpose of this project?

Consider what you are looking for. Perhaps you’re looking to enhance your customer experience, or to promote an event. You might be trying to solve a problem or expand your brand. The more specific and focused your briefing is, the better.

2 – Which resources will you provide?

Consider things such as logos, brand kits, visual ID, or even pictures of previous projects. Everything that can help your designer to set the right tone for your company and understand the nature of the company’s goals and objectives can and will be useful.

3 – Inform do’s and don’ts beforehand:

If you don’t want certain colors, objects within your design, it’s best to inform the designer at the start. Outlining your do’s and don’ts reduces the number of corrections that need to be made and improve turnaround time.

4 – Approve your design with caution and attention:

If you are going to make any changes to a design, be sure to compile a list of them all at once. Take your time to analyze all corrections and if anything bothers you, mention it. This way, it is more likely that you will be 100% satisfied with the final product.

5 – Be aware of production times:

Unless it is a recurring project and you have everything set, be sure to keep deadlines in mind!  Expanding the scope of the business mid-project is will only slow down the overall process and increase the turnaround time.

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