While branding undoubtedly supports your business, figuring how branding is boosting sales and supporting your business is tough because you can’t put a dollar value on a brand or find it on a ledger. However, for many companies, branding is clearly working in their favor– think Starbucks. They dominate their markets through superb branding that distinguishes them as the real deal to customers. Branding can have this kind of impact on your business too!

First lets look at what constitutes branding. Clear signage on building, storefront, entranceways, vehicles, business cards and more. The point is to remind people that you are there and reinforce what you do. You would be surprised how many potential customers either walk by or drive by your business on a daily basis. Im sure we’ve all heard comments like “I didnt know you did that?” Branding will help start these conversations.

Though identifying the direct link between branding and ROI can be tricky, not spending money on branding is one of the biggest advertising mistakes a business can make. To get a better idea of how branding brings in ROI, let’s take a moment to establish what we mean when we say branding.

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